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Custom Bespoke Leather Watch Straps Handmade To Order For Quality & Style!

Sorry Calfornians, due to your new lesgislation I’m unable to sell Alligator Straps to you.

Just like having a suit custom tailored fit to your exact measurements, all of my bespoke watch straps are handmade to order based on your watch’s lug to lug span, lug width, and your precise wrist size. My goal is to be recognized as one of the leading bespoke custom handmade leather watch strap makers in the world. Each piece is truly a one-of-a-kind work of art. Averaging eight hours to handcraft a strap to your exact specifications, I do my very best to make each one with unique artistic beauty and quality. I strictly use only the highest quality leathers in the world, including Genuine North American Alligator, Shell Cordovan Leathers from Horween Leather Co. ~ Japanese Shinki Hikaku & Italian Rocado, as well as Horween Chromexcel Leather, all in a variety of colors to meet your individual taste. I am truly honored to make each and every strap for my customers. As a watch enthusiast myself, I view watches as pieces of art. My goal is to enhance your beautiful and beloved watch with my art, whereby you’ll be proud to display them together on your wrist for years to come. Please visit my GALLERY & STORE, and CONTACT ME if you have any questions or require assistance. Thank You!


From my YouTube channel, ‘Strap a Watch!’

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