Custom Handmade Alligator Leather Watch Straps

Michael Knapp Leather specializes in custom bespoke handmade genuine North American Alligator Leather Watch Straps. Similar to having a suit tailor fit, all of my watch straps are handmade to order based on your watches lug to lug span, lug width, and your precise wrist size. I strictly use only the highest quality, GRADE 1 or 1~2, North American Genuine Alligator Leather skins in the world, all in a variety of colors to meet your individual taste. I am truly honored to make each and every strap for my customers. As a watch enthusiast myself I view watches as pieces of art. I strive to enhance your beloved watch with my art, whereby you’ll be proud to display them together on your wrist for years to come. Please visit my GALLERY & STORE, and CONTACT ME if you have any questions or require assistance.

Michael Knapp Leather Alligator Watch Strap on ROLEX Root Beer
Oisin O'Malley holding his Speedy with the Black Alligator Watch Strap handmade by Michael Knapp Leather host of Strap a Watch

As seen FOUR TIMES on Oisin O’Malley’s YouTube channel THE TIMELESS WATCH CHANNEL!


Michael Knapp Leather Alligator Watch Straps
Alligator skin for handmade watch straps by Michael Knapp Leather

Genuine North American Alligator Skin Leather

Alligator is one of the most well recognized of all exotic leathers, but not all Alligator Watch Straps are actually 100% Genuine North American Alligator (a. mississippiensis). There are other species, which can look and feel like North American Alligator Skin, such as Caiman, which is extremely prone to cracking over time and makes for a far inferior product of Watch Strap. I use the smooth belly side of the Alligator to make my Bespoke Handmade Genuine North American Alligator Skin Leather Watch Straps. The hornback side does not make for good Watch Straps due to the hardness of the scales. Many fake Alligator Watch Straps have flooded the worldwide market, so you have to be very careful whom you actually buy Alligator Watch Straps from. Most are embossed cowhide to make the straps look like Alligator, but they’re not. Real Alligator is very expensive, but when used and handcrafted by an artisan such as myself, to make a Bespoke Watch Straps, the final product to one of the most beautiful and luxurious Watch Straps you can get. I’ve used many Alligator Leather Skin suppliers, but today I exclusively have an account with, American Tanning & Leather, LLC, in the great State of Georgia, USA. I have found that this family owned and operated company, which started in 1923, offers the best quality and humane practices for Alligator Leather Skin Hides anywhere I’ve found to date. Yes, I have to pay more for hides from them, but as the old saying goes, “You get what you pay for!”