What are Pads? My Pads are made out of strips from tempered vegetable tan leather, which are sandwiched between the upper leather and the lining leather and taper from the lug pins around the sides of your wrist area. Pads offer a little more mass near the watch head and give a nice contoured look on your wrist. Typically the thicker the watch head is, the thicker the Pads should be. Watch heads under 11mm wouldn’t require Pads. One that is 11mm to 12.5mm should at least get 1.5mm Pads, and those over 12.5 should probably get 2.5mm Pads, but it’s all personal preference. Please visit my Gallery page, whereupon you’ll be able to see what the Pads look like on my finished products.

Do I make wallets, or other leather goods? No, not anymore. I strictly make watch straps.

How do I set my pricing? My pricing is set by how much in demand I am at any given time.

Do I sell original watch brand buckles & deployant clasps? No, but I sometime have aftermarket brand logo buckles and deployants in stock. If you don’t see them in my Online Store than I don’t have them to offer, but you can find these for sale yourself on Etsy, eBay, and other places online.

Will I email or text pictures? No. Each screen, whether it be on a computer, tablet or smart phone will show colors completely different from one another. You are not able to get an accurate representation of the color by seeing it on one of these types of screens. Please visit my Gallery page.

Do I make Bund style straps? No.

Do I make leather NATO style straps? No, please see my Applicability Chart listed below on the traditional style of straps that I make versus what I don’t.

Do I make straps with NO GAPS in the lug area between the strap and the watch head? No.

Do I offer rush ordering? Yes, for a Fee. CLICK HERE!

Do I ship worldwide? Yes. International Shipping Fees are all dependent on geographical location.

Do I offer other types of leathers other than what’s listed on your website? No.

Do I take requests for my video productions? Sometimes. Please feel free to Contact Me directly with any ideas, or requests that you may have.

Do I make hybrid straps out of leather and rubber, or other manmade products? No.

• Do I offer suggestions or recommendations? No, not unless I know the customer well. I have no idea what your individual tastes are. There are too many variables… How do you plan on wearing the watch? What type of attire do you typically wear? Etc., etc., etc… I always say, “GET WHAT YOU REALLY WANT!”

What style of straps that I make versus what I don’t make.